Graduation Project - Character Implementation

Graduation Project - Iris

Rik van peer blueprint

The blueprint controlling the movement/camera.

Rik van peer animationgraph statemachine

Animation blueprint/state machine for the character.

Rik van peer sculptingprogress 03 03 orig

Zbrush Sculpt.

Rik van peer retopology evidence 01 orig


Rik van peer retopology evidence 04 orig


Graduation Project - Character Implementation

See breakdown:

I made this character as part of my graduation project. The goal of the project was to go through the full pipeline of an asset - from concept and design to production and implementation. In order to learn the most, I chose to do this with what is, in my opinion, the most complicated asset you can make: A character.

The goal of this project was to address the problem of art implementation. At my school, many artists didn’t understand the engine and the programmers didn’t understand the art very well, resulting in poorly implemented assets. I wanted to learn as much as I could about the process in order to assist teams in ensuring their assets look and work as intended in their target engine.