FauxVoxels Unreal Shader

The Shader applied to Epic Games' Suntemple Scene

Rik van peer gif for portfolio 02

The shader applied to primitive spheres, showcasing different settings.

Rik van peer mannequincapture

The shader applied to two instances of Epic Games' mannequin asset.

Rik van peer materialfunctionnode

The material function graph

FauxVoxels Unreal Shader

Available for download on gumroad: https://gum.co/pGsE

A material function for Unreal Engine 4 that emulates a voxel-like effect using world space offset.

Contains an unreal engine project with a folder called "RvP_FauxVoxels". Right-click the folder and select the option "migrate" from "asset actions" to migrate it to your desired project.

Then, in any material, right-click and find "RvP_FauxVoxels". The output of the node attaches to the "World position offset".